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Selected Press

As the name suggests, she's not a formally trained artist, instead, she's all about instinct. Her intuitive nature takes her to mediums such as chalk, inks, biro pens as well as dead pens (they're perfect for carving into the canvas), and colors too that have an innate narrative.
Forbes / March 2019
the combination of loaded, disturbing, sad and superb storytelling, distortion, and beauty make her work a must-see
Novembre Magazine / November 2017
her work—somewhere between historical painted portraits and Edward Gorey illustrations
Artnet / October 2017
Unskilled Worker is one of Generation Instagram’s most in-demand artists — no wonder Gucci has tapped her up for a white-hot new collaboration
An art-world darling… Downie's work is imbued with a powerful magic that feels difficult to capture, let alone to control and express. Hers is the story of how we learn to glimmer and shine, even in strange circumstances.

Her work is some of the most intensively beautiful and poetic painting I have come across, the eyes in the faces she paints are absolutely mesmerising.
Nick Knight, SHOWstudio / 2016
Gucci's Favourite Female Artist
W Magazine / January 2016
Fashion’s tastemakers have adopted her with gusto.
British Vogue / September 2015
Downie’s haunting style draws visual inspiration from Alex Katz, Elizabeth Peyton and Francesco Clemente
She does the most gorgeous paintings. Her portraiture is often naive in execution but has a depth and engaging sense to it.
i-D Magazine / December 2014
She has some of my sensibility, the creativity and uniqueness she has injected into her illustration has touched me. They are so naïve yet own distinct individuality. The moment I saw her works on Instagram I was totally obsessed.
Alessandro Michele - Creative Director / Gucci